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  • Your creative manager will select this package if you are looking to transform your personal footage into a great video.
  • We'll pick a qualified editor who will analyze your footage and create a custom video that tells your story.
  • Maximum length of 1-2 minutes and up to 2 revisions.


  • Your creative manager will select this package if your project requires minimal outlining/scripting, footage organization, or other premium features such as motion graphics, voiceover, or style creation.
  • We'll give a quote that works for you, then assign your project to an expert editor with extensive experience relevant to your video.
  • Included enhancements: simple text graphics and visuals that fit your branding guidelines.


  • Your creative manager will select this package when your project requires more extensive guidance, including: collaborating on visual style, motion graphics creation, scripting, or if your video is exceptionally long or complex.
  • We'll deliver our vision for your project including style and budget. Then we select the ideal editor from among our highest ranked video talent.
  • Your creative manager will work closely with the editor to fully develop your video's look and story, then deliver the video for you to review using our sophisticated feedback software.


  • Need a more tailored solution? Contact us now and we'll build a custom package just for you.
  • We can create animated explainer videos, unique collaborative projects for large events, full production, and more!

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